Online vs Offline Keno Play

Playing in Casinos

In most major land-based casinos, Keno runners filter thru the casino calling out “Keno” as they work their way through the crowds. The player has the option of using the keno runner or going to the keno game booth to play keno. After the player marks their numbers, either they or the keno runner will then take their ticket, called an “Inside Ticket”, to the keno booth. Continue reading

What is Keno? Rules and Wagering

Keno is loved by millions, very easy to play and similar in many ways to a lottery. The rules of Keno are simple and there is a chance for the player to win a large payout for a small initial investment. The name of the game, KENO, has it’s roots in Latin or French (Fr. quine five winning numbers, L. quini five each) but legend has it that Keno was invented in China over 2000 years ago as a state-funded lottery during a war. Continue reading