Tips for Online Bingo

Bingo is becoming quite popular on the internet with estimated growth to over a $1.0 Billion by 2010. Online Bingo is often played by downloading software. It can also be played with a java or flash application that allows one to play immediately after opening an account. Numbers are generated by a random number generator in online Bingo. Continue reading

Bingo Rules and Variations

Bingo is a party game and a relaxing, fun way to gamble. Simple to play and with lower age restrictions than most gambling games, Bingo is played in Bingo Halls, in Bingo Rooms in casinos and hotels, and now, on the internet. Bingo’s history dates back to 1530 in Italy, where it started as a lottery called ˜Lo Giuoco del Lotto d’Italia”. Continue reading

Backgammon Strategy

Backgammon is a 2 player board game that comes from the world’s oldest class of games. Thanks, in great part, to the growth of online casinos, backgammon is experiencing a major increase in popularity with the gambling community. Both online backgammon and backgammon in land based casinos, are seeing more and more players enjoying this exciting game every day. Continue reading

Backgammon Setup and Play

Backgammon is played on a board with checkers and dice by 2 opposing players. Each player starts in his outer board and must move all their checkers first into their home or inner board and then bear them off the board. The first player to remove all their checkers is the winner. Each player has a total of 15 checkers to remove and each players checkers are a different color than their opponents checkers. Continue reading

Progressive Jackpots in Slots

Traditional slot machines (those in brick and mortar casinos) all started out by having a fixed jackpot system. This means that there is a set amount you can win (or a hierarchy of set amounts you can win) that is triggered by a specific series of symbols showing up on the reels. This amount never changes. If you get the correct combination on an active payline, you always win the amount specified for that combination. Continue reading

The World Series of Blackjack

The World Series of Blackjack is the world’s most prestigious blackjack tournament. It attracts most of the world’s top players who are competing for over a million dollars in prize money. This has made the event quite popular. Clearly the World Series of Blackjack is an attempt to copy the success that poker has found on television. While the tournament has proven to be successful it still has a long way to go to match poker in popularity. The history of the World Series of Poker however is a long one, and that means the World Series of Blackjack has some time to grow, in my opinion. Continue reading

Blackjack Tournaments

Blackjack tournaments can be a lot of fun because they allow you compete against the other players. This is obviously different than regular blackjack where you normally play only against the dealer. A blackjack tournament is also a good way to reduce the cost of playing. Finding a tournament can be a bit of a challenge, they are not all that common. Mostly because they are nowhere near as profitable for the casino as having players play regular blackjack. Continue reading

Strategies to Win Playing Poker

In any game, winning is an absolute goal. You might intend to have fun, but winning is still part of it. After all, no game is fun if the players do not try their best to win. In poker, winning is everything, especially if betting is involved. This is the reason why the players aim to get better at first before trying to bet in real poker games. Part of their “practice” is playing with experienced poker buddies in order to gain strategies and good moves depending on the situation. Often, they search the internet for such strategies. If you are an avid poker player, read the following tips. They are more like strategies that you can use in any of your poker games.
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